The Teachers’ Training in Colombia. Beginnings, Route and Current Events

The history of education in Colombia has been linked to the efforts and mobilizations of organized teachers who have promoted the professionalization of teachers and the guidelines of the political class. It has been the reflection of the struggle of the teaching community, towards a progressive but slow recognition of their activities and knowledge, their contribution to the evolution, the strengthening and the constitution of the National State. The witnesses of that process have been the pedagogical institutes and universities in Colombia, where the generational mark is seen in the teachers and in the general features of the educational panorama in the current teachers´ training, which is complemented with the opening of the faculties of education and the current schools for teachers´ training which are called in Colombia Normal Schools. In this regard, they can be cited as the most relevant periods in the training of the Colombian teacher, with traces that transcended the political, social, educational and economic areas, as the following; teacher training in the century of Independence, from the beginning of the 20th century until the 1991 Constitution and teachers´ training from Law 115 up to now.

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