Has anyone  fulfilled the training of a minimum of five teachers? I am hoping to get mine done at the end of the month. Was looking for feedback. 

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Hi, I invited my set of teachers and most of them almost finish listening.

Hello participants, 

Happy New Year! I am glad to know that many of you are starting training. I have received one report already. For those of you in progress, here is a draft of a suggested report template. We will finalize this template and send it to you by email this week in Word. The report can be simple, but in order to earn your certificate, you do need to verify to us that you have completed the training. Some of you may not have gathered your teachers in groups as is envisioned in the report. We will propose how to address this when we send the email.





I have completed the assignment. I am now ensuring continuity by asking teachers (which are now a team) to begin training other teachers in their school then in the district. I will be monitoring and supporting as needed.

All the best.



How has the training gone so far?  Are your trainees responsive and receptive?  Please let us know how its going.

Good luck.

Paula L. (Team ITEN)

My trainees seem to be happy about the session. They have displayed interest in what they are learning and said they intend to use what they are learning in their own classroom. They arenjoying it an d want to invite their friends to be a part of this learning community.


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