The World Conference on Early Childhood Care and Education: Response Opportunities and Challenges for the Caribbean Action Agenda

The World Conference on Early Childhood Care and Education: Response Opportunities and Challenges for the Caribbean Action Agenda

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The World Conference on Early Childhood Care and Education (WCECCE) was organised by UNESCO and held in Moscow in September 2010. It was attended by ministers and viceministers from 67 countries and participants from 101 UNESCO member states, along with representatives from UN agencies, development agencies, civil society, and subject experts. It culminated in agreement on the Moscow Framework for Action and Cooperation: Harnessing the Wealth of Nations (hereafter, Moscow Framework) which calls on ALL governments to mobilize stronger commitment to Early Childhood Care and Education (ECCE); to reinforce effective ECCE programme delivery; to harness resources for ECCE; and to encourage mutual cooperation and exchange.

This Policy Brief examines the opportunities and challenges of implementing the Moscow Framework within the Caribbean Community (CARICOM), given the existing regional context in ECCE. It presents an Action Agenda for the region which capitalises on the opportunities and proposes approaches for overcoming the challenges; identifies linkages with existing national and regional/sub-regional policy and planning frameworks for ECCE; and makes recommendations for government policy makers to support same.

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