Reflection and reflective teaching: A case study of four seasoned teachers in the Cayman Islands - PhD thesis

This study sought to provide a practically adequate understanding of lesson planning, implementation, and evaluation from the perspective of selected seasoned teachers in the Cayman Islands, and their use of elements of reflective teaching in these areas.

Participants included four seasoned teachers, and data were collected from interviews and documentary analysis. It was concluded that the way in which the respondents carried out their role as lesson planners, implementers, and evaluators resulted from a dynamic relationship between their teaching philosophy and/or belief, personal choice, mood, and the varied contextual constraints such as administratively decreed policies and heavy workload.


Author: Mark Anthony Minott
University: University of Nottingham
Date: 2006

This publicaction was shared thanks to the support of the Red Innovemos, OREALC/UNESCO Santiago. To learn more details on Red Innovemos, please visit the website: .

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