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5 Basic Elements of Co-operative Learning

a. Positive Interdependence
when all members of a group feel connected to each other in the accomplishment of a common goal. All individuals must succeed for the group to succeed.
b. Individual Accountability
Holding every member of the group responsible to demonstrate accomplishment of the learning.
c. Face-to-face Interaction
when group members are close in proximity to each other and dialogue with each other in ways that promote continued progress.
d. Social Skills
Human interaction skills that enable groups to function effectively ( for example, taking turns, encouraging , listening , giving help, clarifying, checking understanding , probing).Such skills enhance communication , trust , leadership, decision-making and conflict management.
e . Group processing
When group members assess their collaborative efforts and target improvements.

The Teacher’s Role

a. make Decisions
b. Set the Lesson
c. Monitor and intervene
d. Evaluate and process .

Md. Shafiqul Alam
Assistant Teacher
Bogra Zilla School

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