Disconnected: Skills, Education and Employment in Latin America


 Skills, Education and Employment in Latin America 

The future of the world lies in its youth. Type this short sentence into an online search engine, and you will get millions of results. The wording of each might be slightly different, but the sentiment is the same: “The young are our future.” It is simultaneously a cliché, a known truth, and an enormously loaded sentence. In a region like Latin America—where few students have access to university and most young people enter the workforce from secondary school, often before graduating—how are the young being prepared to play their part as full members of the “future of the world”? This is precisely the question that this publication addresses. The authors focus on how secondary students (graduates and nongraduates) transition from school to the workforce. In a complex, demanding, and globalized labor market, what opportunities do they have? With access to education growing massively in the region—and faster than the number of jobs—how will they compete?

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