Lesson plans are detailed guides that teachers write to aid them in their teaching. It’s a daily step by step guide that outlines the teachers’ goals and objectives in teaching what the students will accomplish for that specific day.

We here at ITEN have a lesson plan surprise coming for all teachers in the OAS member states on Wednesday!

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Lesson plans are the teachers' tools that give leverage to the building of students educational  ladders and lattices - Whatever they are taught and have learnt well through teachers' plans, it will be lifelong and these bases and building blocks will take them through life and to their career path or paths of choice.

Lesson plans provide with a structured lay out of what your lesson is intended to be. It provides scope and sequence to ensure for a smoother lesson.

Lesson plan is a more organize way of helping teachers to reach their objectives , planning and executing the lesson to meet all the different types of learners, and to make great decisions when doing the assessment after each lessons.

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