Transforming Education with Google - Gmail and Calendar

Transforming Education with Google - Gmail and Calendar

Leverage Google; Apps, tools and technologies to redesign, rethink and retool the way in which you educate.

This comprehensive Google Gmail and Google Calendar course covers all Things Gmail and Calendar. Make your life easier and more efficient. Everything from Login to Labs is covered. 

This course has 13 separate lesson topics with video lessons and printable cheatsheets for each lesson. All video lessons are between 5 and 14 minutes long and you can work through each of them at your own pace, referencing the printable sheets along the way. 

This course is designed for beginners and intermediate users alike, testing and reinforcing skills with formative quizzes and embedded questions along the way. 

Students are offered the opportunity to convert their work to credit at the end of the course, by following the course syllabus submission protocol. 

More information here

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This is good. I wonder why we left out Google Drive and its sharing capabilities. To me this is a great tool for collaborative learning.

When does this course start?

Google Classroom is a fantastic tool to use with students.  As we begin to connect students around the world, we have potential to create International Google Classrooms between schools. 

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