The value of lesson plans: Lesson plans are important because they are the heart of being an effective teachers. It’s a process that ensures the best teaching pedagogy to strengthen the knowledge of the student, the curriculum, and the teaching context.

We here at ITEN have a lesson plan surprise coming for all teachers in the OAS member states coming tomorrow!

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If you fail to plan, you plan to fail. That is why lesson plans are so important in order to be effective teachers. It helps teachers to organize contents, strategies, activities, dates of evaluations and those things that a class needs. Planning is absolutely key if you hope to deliver inspiring lessons that both motivate and engage your students. It keeps us from wandering/straying from our main lesson.

I agree with the need for teachers to write lesson plans. It provides so many valuable lessons to be learnt by the teacher, because it helps with the organization and navigation of the lesson. Help teacher to plan and make use of required resources and helpful for reflecting on the strengths and weaknesses of the lesson. 

I agree too thats lesson planning is important because it helps an educator to pace his or jer lesson while making alottment to have structure and fluency

Lesson planning gives direction. Without direction a teacher is likely to procrastinate - missing important points, ignoring the types of learners and all the other components associated with good lesson delivery. It is like preparing all the ingredients needed for a three course meal. it is indeed VALUABLE!

Lesson is vital to teaching and learning process. this will help teachers to be organized, allow teacher to teach more and guide students to reach objectives easily.The better prepared a teacher is the more confident they will be in delivering the lesson. This also shows that the teacher  have interest in teaching.

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