Transparency Society eloquent fatigue and psychopolitics. Of the viral-immune to neuronal-stressful Abstract.-
The works of Byung-Chul Han - Society of fatigue; Society of transparency; In the Swarm and psychopolitics: Neoliberalism and new techniques pode- use many metaphors and symbolic figures of the cultural and literary figure to explain the performance of the subject of history. Exitismo subjected to a pathological self-exploitation and production among other consequences has been a decline in sexual desire or the agony of eros. Even the leisure or sexuality may shun the imperative of performance. Modern man has become a factory for themselves, hyperactive, Hyper-neurotic, exhausting day is its own be diluting it in a competitive effort, hence the symptom of our time is fatigue. The neoliberal system has been internalized to the point where you no longer need external coercion to exist. The society also leads to total transparency information does not allow information gaps or vision "and accelerates the flow of empirical data. The world today is a market in which they are displayed, sold and consumed intimacies.

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