OAS – The University of the West Indies 2017 SCHOLARSHIP OPPORTUNITIES

PROGRAMS: Please see list of programs in the Annex of the attached announcement

 MODALITY: Onsite, in Barbados, Jamaica or Trinidad and Tobago




Program admission: February 28, 2017

Scholarship application: April 1, 2017

START DATE August 2017

END DATE July 2018

BENEFITS: The OAS and UWI will provide USD $7,000 to cover the tuition fees.

 IMPORTANT NOTE Please note that OAS scholarships are not offered for studies in one’s country of citizenship or permanent legal residence. Citizens and/or permanent legal residents of Barbados, Jamaica and Trinidad and Tobago will not be considered for these OAS scholarships at the University campus located in their country of citizenship or legal residence

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Yes Sir.  A Caribbean teacher in the US would be considered.  The application is open to citizens of all 34 OAS member states.

Paula L.
John Noble said:

Very informative. Would a Caribbean teacher who currently resides in the US be considered for these scholarships?

Yes,  Online programs are eligible.  In fact UWI open campus is very popular for students receiving OAS-UWI scholarships. 

Paula L.
Shonella Morgan said:

Hi good day,

I would like to know if other scholarships will be considered or given for those of us who cannot make it to the onsite tutoring, for us to be given scholarships for Online Masters Program as well? I have an interest in doing the Masters in Education at Kaplan University Online, as I am a single mother of two small children so Onsite is difficult for me, so I was just wondering that if this could be a possibility for learners who cannot be Onsite be given scholarships too for Online studies as well. Also I see that Kaplan is on your list of Universities that OAS partner with, so I am asking please for scholarships to be for Online as well. Thanks in advance for your reply.



Good morning, I would like to know what other expenses the scholarship does not cover. How much money does a person need to have for a year?. could I have a skype session in order to inform teachers from Ecuador who will be willing to learn about this masters of Education?

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