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Please introduce yourselves here and tell us a bit of your teaching interests and about your teaching styles.  Share some of your experiences so far and remember to mention where you want to end up in this world of teaching and education.  

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Hi everyone my name is Fayan Fisher, I am very new to the world of teaching. However, for the short time I have been in the classroom strategies used includes cooperative learning, discussion and guided discovery. I am looking forward to gain so much for this programme in order to be well equipped with critical thinking strategies to better engage my students meaningfully in the teaching and learning process.

Hi Patricia, I admire your years of service working with children, continue to to a good job and I hope one day I will write my ITEN families to say I have spend that many years in the classroom. I am very passionate about children...

Patricia Angela Dixon Sebastian said:

Hi am Patricia Dixon Sebastian from Belize.I have been teacher for 25 plus year and is the Special Education Officer for Special Education.I holds a masters degree in Special. Education.My mode of teaching is using the multisensory strategies and is hoping that I could fulfill my dreams in becoming an Educational Diagnostician.


I am Andreen O'Connor a Jamaican teacher for twenty plus years. I started off as a Vocational education teacher, however, changes in the students population over the years caused the school to be downgraded from All - Age school to Primary. With such a change I had to tap into my "flexibility archive" and conditioned myself to being a Primary Education teacher.

I have developed professionally and have done a "Boys Programme". This was a gender based programme in which I taught the boys to read using self made songs and games about technological devices and equipment that are male orientated. example: vehicles - they sing and play games with names of car parts and the Make of the car. They also do syllabication of these words; and read and watch videos/ Movies of car stories and answer questions about them. 

I am presently in the process of commencing My Masters Degree in English language at the University of the West Indies- Open campus.

A part of my aspirations for the future is to become a lecturer in that area.

I am Suzanne Graham  from Kingston Jamaica a teacher for 4 years of preschool and now Special Ed. During my teaching years i have become more and more interesting in the growing minds of children. I love watching them as they learn and grow. By been apart of the critical thinking course i have gained additional knowledge and have applied these knowledge to my teaching skills. Looking forward to an exceptional year of teaching.

Hello everyone, my name is Jonathan Lang and I am from Georgia (US). This is my second year of teaching, both in middle grades special education, and my first year as special education lead teacher for our middle and high school. I am currently working on my Masters of Education at Valdosta State University. 

As a special education teacher, I am very interested in specially designed instruction, differentiation, and in general, how students learn in different ways. I am also interested in Reality Pedagogy, urban education, and culturally relevant curriculum, and the effect race has on education in general.

My goal, and where I want to end up in education is simple. I just want to be a teacher who empowers students of all races, genders, religions, and socioeconomic backgrounds.

I am looking forward to collaborating with you all. 


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