What Do Great Teachers Do?

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1. Which are the characteristics of a good teacher?

2. What are the qualities needed to be a teacher model and improve the performance of students in their schooling?

3. Which teaching techniques are essential to improve the performance of students in the classroom and make the teacher a model to follow?

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- Good teachers are always working out teaching strategies in their heads- if you try something and it doesn't work- you amend and try again.
- Good teachers believe that their students CAN learn and go the extra mile to teach according to the type of learner.
- good teachers are firm but accommodating, fun but discerning, encouraging and approachable.
To be a teacher model, teachers must simply lead by example. You actually model what you want your students to do and show them that you are not above or superior but are working alongside them. In order to improve students' performance, teachers need to be dedicated; it cannot work otherwise. There should be cohesive, well- planned lessons, and resources that will challenge students. A good teacher uses discernment to decipher what and why the student fails to comprehend and uses different methods to ensure that learning occurs.
So true.
Good teachers are always improving and upgrading their methods.
Each child is different and one strategy will not work for all.
A good teacher is always improving and evolving

Thank you Kimberly and Tyabali for sharing with us your ideas...And what about the rest of you? What do think? Come and share with us your thoughts!

For me Primary school in Trinidad was a great experience. I probably did not appreciate it then and took much for granted but the world was not to mirror the experience. What we learned at primary school served me all my life. CLR said that at eight years old he had mastered essay writing and indeed this is the result of a first class primary school education. Kudos to the teachers who work at the primary education and form the basis of our very society in the Caribbean.  I can recall one my teachers from primary school who was a great model for me. I don't hesitate to call his name as for me he is a hero-Mr Baptiste from St. Joseph Boy's RC. I recall when I was leaving the school that he made only one request of me "to be a good ambassador for the old school." I had an assignment for my life which to this day I try to uphold.

  • A great teacher shows the way and provides opportunities for his/her students to develop each according to their own talents and capabilities.
  • A great teacher may not be an orator or even a brilliant mathematician but will provide the inspiration and the motivation for students to pursue their goals and see them on their way to the accomplishment of the same.
  • A great teacher is humble to acknowledge when his/her students are progressing well beyond what he/she can impart and when to let his students move on.
  • A great teacher imparts life values in the students so that their success has a meaning for them and for the community they serve, or intend to serve.
  • A great teacher teaches by example.


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